Why Activated Charcoal is so damn good for you!

April 28, 2016 by April Hardy

"Ok, firstly - why am i putting this on my face?!"

Because you're amazing! AND you deserve a little time out, to yourself, to relax.

Seriously though, this blog is my first blog entry & I want to make a point of saying this - You cannot function as a human being, a wife, a mother, a partner, a career women/man if you're not taking the time out for yourself to rest, relax & just debrief from LIFE. Yes, I love my products like they're my own children but Ground:Up is more than just amazing all-natural skincare. They are the perfect excuse for a lot of men & women to switch off, relax & rest. And you know what - if nothing else, you have beautiful skin at the end of your little 15 minute time-out.

 "So what is all this talk about Charcoal"

Charcoal products are becoming a lot more common & more people are discovering the beauty & health benefits of using Activated Charcoal as an acne mask.

Let's get one thing straight - Activated Charcoal Face Mask isn't some old bit of burnt toast scrapped off and thrown into a packet! In our case, we use burnt and naturally treated coconut shells that go through a process Oxygen to open up millions of pores within the molecular structure of the Charcoal. What this means for you is when Activated Charcoal is applied to the skin, used as a teeth whitening product or even ingested (mixed with water and drunk) will absorb all those yucky toxins. The best part is the charcoal isn't absorbed by the body and rather is flushed out or washed off with all those toxins attached to the molecules. 

Activated Charcoal Mud Mask Clear Skin Hydrate Dry Skin

"Same same but diff?"

Our Mud isn't just Charcoal - the Activated Charcoal Mud Mask is combined with a few other very beneficial clays & powders to maximise the Charcoals benefits of detoxifying & giving your skin the refresh it needs. 

So to answer your question "Is the Mud the same as the Teeth Whitening?" the answer would be no - two different products - two very different benefits. Our Teeth whitening combines all the wonderful benefits of the charcoal, however we have a added a few little sweeteners (and NO Definitely NOT SUGAR) to ensure your teeth are gleaming white & by combining all-natural powders to give you a fresh minty after taste.

Our Mud Masks are designed to get rid of acne, help minimise the look of pores, reduce redness & brighten the skin. 


Clearer skin is just a click away. 


Ground:Up Skin Co. x



Kate Brownell

Because it works amazingly great. It worked for me when I thought to give it a try. I bought my first charcoal powder 3 months back in a huge deal by Teethbright (https://teethbright.com.au/) and in just 15 days, I could see the result. A lot of people make use of teeth whitening trays, activated charcoal teeth whitening powder or paste, teeth whitening gels, floss, etc. Well to get beautiful teeth you need to pay attention to your food choices. If you having something that can discolor your teeth, then brush your teeth immediately after eating or if you drinking some wine, tea or coffee, that are harmful for the beauty of your teeth as well, then make use of a straw. Always rinse your mouth well after eating or drinking anything.

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