Natural. Simple. Affordable. Effective. We don't ask for much do we?!

Our entire range is made by hand, on the beautiful Gold Coast. Each product has been created to cure a need for better skin, softer pins & whitey white teeth.

As a real girl, in a material world we don't give ourselves enough time to rest, relax & look after ourselves. So here is the perfect excuse! Turn off your phone, run a bath or jump in the shower & chill out with Ground:Up Skin Co.

Our Story

At the end of 2015, the founder April was at her wits end with trying to find quality, affordable, natural products for her skin.There were so many products on the market that claimed so many different benefits yet all either came up short on their promises or were still full of chemicals & filler ingredients. So, April begun experiementing with all natural products from health food stores, organic suppliers & even the supermarket & found that the formulations she was concocting not only felt amazing but worked in clearing blemishes, hydrating & nourishing her skin.

After trying out her new found formulations of face masks & scrubs on her ever patient family, friends & even her fiance (who secretly loves a good pamper session) she decided to launch 'From the Ground:Up Skin Co.'

The calling to share her amazing products with the world was just too great & since the launch in early 2016, Ground:Up Skin Co. has been welcomed into over 2,000 homes across Australia & the Globe.

Made with Love!

Did you know that ever single package is hand labelled, every body scrub is hand packed & sealed by our beautiful Gold Coast based groundiebabes. Our products arn't mass produced in a factory & we always hope to keep it that way. Each product has been mixed, poured & then packed ready to be sent out to you. Every parcel is wrapped or boxed up by us, hand labelled & sealed up to ensure it's quality & each packet is as individual as the person opening it.


Where to next?

Simple. We want to continue to bring our beautiful customers more options for natural products. New products are definitely in the mix, but getting formulations right is the trick, ensuring quality ingredients, no fillers or preservatives & products that work for you. If you have a need for a particular product you feel you just can't find, email us!

We want to know what you as a customer really want out of your skin & hair care., we would love to hear from you.